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Plasma Tv Article

The Different Types of Televisions

Most every home has at least one television set and in some instances, there are several sets per home. Most of us have our favorite shows that we love to watch. It would be very hard for us to do without the television now days, it has become one of the most innovative creations by mankind and one of the highest in demand. There are actually several different types of televisions.

Tube televisions

This is the 'old fashioned' television which uses cathode ray tubes which is a form of a vacuum tube and is about 40 inches long. So you can imagine that this type of television is quite bulky in size. This type of TV is known to have a long life span and maintain its clear picture and good viewing from all angles.

Digital light processing televisions

This television is so named because it is able to digitally process light with the help of an optical semiconductor the digital micro mirror device which is also called the DMD chip. This amazing chip consists of over a million mirrors which are smaller in size than the width of a human hair. This TV was brought to the market in 1987 by Texas Instruments and now there are more than 50 different manufacturers. This TV comes in both rear and front projection. It also has a minor flaw in its viewing that has been dubbed the rainbow effect.

Liquid crystal display televisions

This is new technology in televisions and is becoming quite popular. The LCD television can be in the form of rear projection or flat screen. The flat panels are especially popular because of their sleek lightweight design. The LCD television is not susceptible to burn in but a flaw known as the ghost effect has been noted at times which is similar to double vision.

Plasma televisions

The plasma TV is the high end of televisions and uses cutting edge technology and produces superior crisp pictures. They come in the popular flat screen models and range from small to large screen. This is quickly becoming the most desired and popular television on the market today.

There is such a wide range of televisions available on the market today from tiny set to home theater systems, plasma TVs to LCDs. The hard part will be deciding which one is best for you. A lot might depend upon your budget as some of the newer technology televisions can be quite pricey and run into the thousands of dollars.

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Plasma Tv News

The world is running out of plasma TVs - CNNMoney


The world is running out of plasma TVs
The last company to make plasma TV screens for U.S. consumers said this week that it would stop production of plasma sets in November. The widely expected announcement by LG has put the final nail in plasma TV's coffin.

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The week in Reviewed: Plasma TV is (un)dead - USA TODAY


The week in Reviewed: Plasma TV is (un)dead
In our news and features department, we officially pronounced that plasma TV is dead, as the last remaining plasma TV manufacturer announced it would halt its production of new models. We also covered ingenious food packaging that can be used as toys, ...


LG Electronics exit suggests end is near for plasma TVs - Reuters


LG Electronics exit suggests end is near for plasma TVs
LG Electronics said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday that the decision reflects a decline in demand for plasma TVs, with the business accounting for 2.4 percent of its 2013 annual revenue. The exit was widely anticipated as LCD TVs have become the ...


LG to End Production on Plasma TVs - IGN - IGN


LG to End Production on Plasma TVs - IGN
By Rachel Paxton-GillilanIt looks like the end of the plasma TV is near. LG Electronics has finally joined the ranks of other major TV manufacturers and will stop production of its plasma TV in November. A decline in demand for plasma panels led LG to ...
LG ceases plasma TV production to make way for OLED TVsGeek
Is this your last chance to get a plasma TV?ConsumerReports.org
The End Is Nigh For Plasma TV: LG Electronics Says It's Ditching The ...The Consumerist
Tom's Guide -Reuters
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LCD TV Revolution: The 6 Steps That Make LCD 'Better Than Plasma' - Forbes


LCD TV Revolution: The 6 Steps That Make LCD 'Better Than Plasma'
Plasma TV is dead. No amount of love for it from AV enthusiasts around the world could save it, and no amount of wailing over its loss will bring it back. Which leaves people who don't think LCD technology can cut it in the TV world in a bit of a pickle.
Farewell plasma TV: The moments that defined flatscreenPocket-lint.com

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LG nails the coffin down on plasma TVs - Engadget

LG nails the coffin down on plasma TVs
It won't be long before you won't need to auction a lung off in order to buy a 4K OLED TV, which means there's even less reason to buy a plasma than ever before. That's why LG has finally joined Samsung and Panasonic in taking the outdated business out ...