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Plasma Tv Article

RCA Televisions

RCA has been a pioneer in the television industry. In the 1920's David Sarnoff from RCA met with a television inventor by the name of Vladimir Zworykin. After ten years of testing at a cost of $50 million dollars, RCA was ready to introduce their TV to the world in New York City at the World's Fair. The first TV was quite a sensation among the curious who gathered to see this new invention in 1939, which displayed pictures as well as sound.

RCA continued to lead the television industry up until the 1950s when they produced the innovative technology of color pictures broadcast on TV. The first color commercial broadcast was on December 19 in 1953 and was carried out under the direction of the FCC. The production of consumer TV was halted during World War II, but RCA continued research into other areas of electronics that benefited the war effort such as sound and sonar equipment and mine detectors.

Today, RCA is one of the most popular and trusted brands of televisions in the industry and they offer a wide range of televisions which fit anyone's needs and budget. RCA makes televisions designed for the living room and other areas of the home as well such as the kitchen and bedroom.

RCA televisions are perfect for a family room

When you choose the size for your television, it usually will depend upon the size of your room and the space that you have available. RCA TVs are perfect for the family room because they come in such a wide range of sizes and styles. You could choose a 20 inch flat screen model or a 61 inch wide screen TV. The largest TV RCA has on the market at present is the 61 inch model which has the HDTV tuner built in and is ready for high definition signals. It is somewhat pricey however at around $1500.

RCA televisions are perfect for the home theater

Superior RCA technology makes for enjoyable viewing of sporting events and your favorite shows, and are just perfect for a home theater set up. Televisions which are designed for the home theater range from 32 inch models to the 61 inch projection TV. These televisions produce crystal clear pictures and vivid colors.

RCA televisions are perfect for the bedroom

RCA televisions are perfect for the bedroom too, especially the sleek flat screen models which accentuate the decor. Of course you can choose whatever size fits your needs and some models even have a built in sleep timer.

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Plasma Tv News

Should You Snap Up a (Cheap) Plasma TV Before They're All Gone? - TIME


Should You Snap Up a (Cheap) Plasma TV Before They're All Gone?
Plasma TVs are going the way of the floppy disk, Walkman, and VCR. This month, Samsung announced that it would stop making plasmas by the end of November. Panasonic got out of the game last year. That leaves just LG to carry the plasma torch—and ...


Plasma TVs are just about dead - CNNMoney


Plasma TVs are just about dead
Samsung confirmed Thursday that it was shutting down its plasma TV business "due to changes in market demands," choosing instead to focus on curved and ultra-high-definition models that use LED technology. The news was first reported by Reuters.
Samsung to end plasma TV production this yearCNET
You Won't Be Able to Buy the TVs With the Best Picture Quality AnymoreSlate Magazine (blog)
Plasma TVs No More?Wall Street Journal (blog)
Digital Trends -Tech Times -Forbes
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Farewell to the big-screen plasma TV - Los Angeles Times


Farewell to the big-screen plasma TV
Los Angeles Times
Via Reuters comes the news that Samsung, one of the last major manufacturers of plasma TV screens, will shut down production by the end of November. Panasonic had already stopped making plasma panels, and South Korea's LG will end production soon.
Plasma TVs: A disappearing valueStandard-Examiner
The Death of Plasma TV Is Upon UsPopular Mechanics
As TV makers exit plasma, can they make up for it with LCD?ECNmag.com
The Nation
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Plasma TV is dead, so go buy one - ConsumerReports.org

Toronto Star

Plasma TV is dead, so go buy one
With the news that Samsung is throwing in the towel on its plasma TV production—it will stop producing them after November—many of us TV fans are already lamenting the loss of what we've long felt is the superior TV technology. The last time I saw ...
Plasma televisions fading to blackToronto Star
Plasma TVs are just about dead, ReportCanada News

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Samsung Ending its Plasma TV Line - TechnoBuffalo


Samsung Ending its Plasma TV Line
You can add another nail to the coffin to the plasma TV format with the latest announcement from Samsung. When the HDTV movement began, it was a choice between plasma and LCD displays. While the plasma sets were generally considered to have the ...


Requiem for Plasma TV - MarketWatch

Requiem for Plasma TV
It's VHS versus Betamax all over again. And once again the superior product loses. Andrew O'Day reports. Pop up Player. This Story has 0 Comments. Be the first to comment. More News In. General ...

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