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Lotus Elise Article

Are You Planning to Buy a Sports Car?

For many people, a sports car is high on their list of things that they would one day love to own. If you have finally made it to the place where you can financially afford to go out and buy your own new sports car, there are some things that you should be aware of, and some things that you can do to help ensure you get a good deal. Just because you can afford to buy one doesnít mean that you should pay three prices for it either!

Before you ever go shopping, take some time and really think about your options, after all, you are preparing to make a huge purchase. Think about the major differences in a sports car and a typical sedan. Will your sports car be your main mode of transportation? Do you ever have more than one other person in the car with you? Would you be truly happy driving a sports car all the time, or is it just the idea of it that is appealing? You also should think about whether you should purchase a less expensive used sports car, or go with a new one. Is a new sports car really worth the price that comes with it? Can you afford to spend that kind of money, and even if you can, do you want to? Are there better things that you could do with that money, other than splurge on a new sports car?

If you think about all of those questions and still decide that you want to get the car, then your next move should be to think about what you are looking for in your sports car, so that you can decide what model you are interested in purchasing. Some of the things that many people think about here are comfort, size, speed, and history of the car. Some sports cars have a rep for being high maintenance and for spending a lot of time broken down on the side of the road, so you should do your homework here.

When you actually go to the lot to start doing your shopping, remember that the price listed on the car is the most that the dealer is legally allowed to charge, and that you can likely negotiate to get that price down considerably. Again, there is no need to pay more for the car than you have to, just because you can. Odds are, that dealer isnít going to want you to walk away, or worse buy from his competitor, so he will be willing to compromise in most cases.

If you arenít able to pay cash outright for your sports car, then you will need to have it financed. If you are smart, you will go ahead and arrange this before you ever go to the dealer. Your bank can help you apply for a loan, and give you an estimate on how much money they are willing to lend you, for what monthly payment. With this in mind, you will know which cars are within your means when you step on the lot. Donít forget that you will need to have enough cash with you to at least pay for the taxes on the sale, and any other applicable fees. These may sometimes be included in the financing, but not usually.

If you are finally able to make your dream of owning a sports car a reality, donít let your excitement end up costing you more money!

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Lotus Elise Headlines

Lotus Elise S Cup - NetCarShow.com


Lotus Elise S Cup
After a successful first season of racing the Elise S Cup R completes the next stage of its development and is evolved with a road focus to bring a touch of motorsport to the road-going Elise. To ensure its race car pedigree is not lost, the Lotus Test ...


Lotus rolls out factory delivery program for Elise, Exige and Evora - Autoblog (blog)

Autoblog (blog)

Lotus rolls out factory delivery program for Elise, Exige and Evora
Autoblog (blog)
It's the centerpiece of a new delivery program Lotus is launching, where customers can come to the iconic factory ‚Äď where every Lotus has been built since 1967 ‚Äď and pick up their new Elise, Exige or Evora. Customers receive a tour and are presented ...
Lotus Launches New Factory Tour ProgramGTspirit

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'Submarine Sports Car' reaches 75mph underwater - Daily Mail

Daily Mail

'Submarine Sports Car' reaches 75mph underwater
Daily Mail
It has two built-in scuba tanks and diving regulators to allow two people to remain underwater for up to an hour. The zero-emission vehicle has the same steel chassis used in the Lotus Elise. It has a 54kW 160NM electric motor inside, which is powered ...