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Boost the Gas Mileage of Your Sports Car with These Tips

Unfortunately for us, gas prices just keep rising everyday. They go up and up for a while, and then gradually come back down, and within a few days start rising again. Since it is getting so expensive to just put gas in your car, especially a sports car, you really have to learn how to stretch your gas mileage, and make the most of what is in your tank. Use these tips to help you do just that!

The first thing that you should do when trying to improve the gas mileage of your sports car is to make certain all of the routine maintenance is done on time, and that the car is in top running condition. The car will run better, and use less gas, when it has been taken care of appropriately. Many people often skimp when it comes to sports car maintenance because it can be expensive, but it really does save you money in the long run, especially with todays outrageous gas costs.

You should check your tire inflation at least once a week. Tires that have too much or too little air in them will directly impact your fuel economy, so this is important.

Keep in mind that the more stuff you haul around in your sports car, the more fuel it will require. If you carry clothes, CDs, books, and other junk around in your car, you can expect it to use more gas, so take the time to de-clutter your sports car today!

Learn how to maintain a smooth speed, rather than speeding up and slowing down often. The more you hit the gas, the more fuel you will consume, so keep that in mind.

Aerodynamics also impacts your fuel economy, so keeping your car clean, will help greatly. You should try to wash and wax your sports car at least once a week, depending on how often you drive it, etc.

Learn when to use the air conditioning, and when to roll the windows down. If you are driving down the interstate, you should use the air conditioning rather than the windows, because the windows will create more drag, which in turn, will cause the car to use more fuel. If you are cruising through town, average 35 miles per hour, then it is better to use the windows instead of the air. This can make a big difference in fuel economy.

We should all try to learn how to conserve fuel, not only just people who have sports cars. The more fuel we use, the higher the price will go, so keep that in mind. Try to keep up with the maintenance of your car, and be a more fuel conscientious driver, and you might be surprised at how much money you can save!

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The “All-New” Alfa Romeo Montreal Most Wanted Car Of 2014
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